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Leica Rugby 320 Single Grade Laser + RE Plus Receiver & NiMH Batteries

Leica Rugby 320 Single Grade Laser + RE Plus Receiver & NiMH Batteries
Price: $4,840.00

Leica Rugby 320 SG & 410/420 DG

The toughest players on big fields

Making the grade is what the Leica Rugby is all about. Whether your work requires level, single or dual grades and high accuracy over a long distance range, the Leica Rugby’s extensive features will ensure both material and labor savings, keeping you on target to increase your bottom line.
The Leica Rugby Grade Lasers are automatic and selfleveling for jobs of any size, large or small. They can be used for any application involving precise grade control such as:
  • Building pads, parking lots and runways
  • Precise depth control for sub base and fine grade excavation
  • Agricultural applications such as land leveling or tiling
  • Concrete forming and framework
  • Retention ponds and batters
  • Setting foundations and footings
  • Absolute compatibility with the widest range of machine control solution


5 Years Warranty
For more information about 5 Years Warranty download

Rugby Series Features by Model Leica Rugby     320 SG Leica Rugby    410 DG Leia Rugby     420 DG
Simple to use 5-Button Key-Pad
Real-Time Grade Matching
Superior Dual Battery Concept
Scope Mount in Both Axes
Laser Beam Visible (Red) -
Laser Beam Invisible (IR) - -
Grade Capability X (or Y)-Axis   -5 to +25 %
Grade Capability in Both Axes   -5 to +15 % -
Long Range Remote Control -
Axis Alignment -
Laser Plane Stabilization - -
Enhanced Operating Range - -

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